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You can enter the Celtic Dance Graphics Gallery here. The pictures and photos are mine and free to use.

Free Graphics

This website is all about graphics, the celtic dance blog gallery is where you will find the main content. You can link back if you want but it is not required. Please take the time to rate a photo or picture if you really like it. Some of the photo's are big in width and height so they can be resized smaller and keep the quality of the photo.

This is me learning to share and learning PaintShop Pro at the same time.


You are welcome to comment on the photos if you want, I won't be posting text with the photo's most of the time for the sake of time.

Category Listings

The "Artistic" category will be photos that are edited in PaintShop, they will 'also' be listed in the normal description categories such as "pears". The pictures and photos will be listed by categories such as "Trees", "Fruit", "Plants" (which will include flowers), "Sunlight", "Sky" etc.